Tournament organizers 2017

Home | Attending teams | Organizers Eline Hubbers – Chairman Hi everyone, I’m Eline Hubbers and I’m a second year chemical engineering student. This 1is my second year at Attila and the first time I will be part of the Tournament Committee. I have attended last year’s tournament which was great and I hope we can make the 35th tournament even greater. As I always say, ‘sleep is for the weak’, so I’m looking forward to a weekend with lots of fun and little sleep. See you all at the tournament in April!       Twan Muntjewerff – Contact teams Hello! I am Twan Muntjewerff and I am in the second year of my bachelor Chemical Engineering at the TU Eindhoven. This is my first season as a member of Attila and therefore also my first time organising the Attila Tournament. Although we are not a very experienced committee, I am proud to be part of this group and I know that we will make 2the 2017 tournament a weekend you will remember! I have been appointed as the contact teams of the committee so if there are any questions, please contact me! I hope that everyone will have an amazing time at our tournament and that all of you will go home with their bellies filled because my motto is: “Lekker eten, lekker drinken!” (tasty food, tasty drinks).     Noor van Leeuwen My name is Noor van Leeuwen and I am currently in my second year of my study MBRT 3(medical imaging and radiotherapy techniques). It’s my first year as an ‘Attiliaan’, and so far I’m really enjoying it. I am really looking forward to organise this tournament with the group. Of course, we’re going to make sure that it will be a great tournament with lots of beer. Because no good story starts with a salad.               Pieter Rikken Hello!! My name is Pieter Rikken and currently I am in the third year of my bachelor, Applied Physics at the TU/e. Like most of our committee, this is the first year as an ‘Attilian’ for me and therefore the first time I will be a member of the Tournament Committee. With this young group, I definitely know that we can make sure the Attila 4Tournament 2017 will be an even more successful weekend than you could ever imagine! I hope all participants go home after the tournament with a smile, or after a bit of time, because of my motto: ‘wie het laatst lacht, is traag van begrip!’ (who laughs as the last one, is obtuse). See you next April!!       Nina Donkers Hi guys, I’m Nina Donkers and I’m in my second year of Industrial Engineering and 6Management Sciences. This is my first year at Attila, and the first time I’m part of the organisation of the Attila Tournament. I’ve heard so much amazing stories and we’ll try to make this year even better than last year. Remember “meer bier is meer plezier” (more beer is more fun), so make sure to attend the 35th Attila Tournament. I hope to meet you all next April.                 Sam Kragtwijk Hi! My name is Sam Kragtwijk and I am a second year student Industrial Design. This is my second year at Attila and also the second time I organize the Attila Tournament! You probably missed me last year, because I was on a super secret bondgirl mission in Milano, but this year I will be undercover at the tournament. I hope to meet you all to korfball and party till we go to heaven or hell and maybe even beyond ! It is going to be awesome, hope to see you there!  

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